Thursday, January 8, 2009

Daytime Television and DeVry

I remember in high school a teacher that was not particularly fond of me encouraged me to consider studying at DeVry while she groomed the rest of her students to apply to UC Berkeley. The narrow-minded culture at school had placed a lot of pressure for everyone to get into top colleges. As far as undergraduate studies were concerned, at the time I wasn't aware of what the differences between the schools were besides it was a lot harder to get into Berkeley!

Weekday daytime television (Je-rry! Je-rry! Je-rry!) is the only time I run into online degree advertisements, but the rest of the ads are not so constructive to their viewers:

But here's a better one:

Western Career College is one of the schools I remember the jingle to: "At Western Career College," *clap *clap "You Can Dooooooooo It!" But it looks like the students themselves had questioned the quality of education in one incident:

Commercials like this one for DeVry (another university offering online programs, like game development) don't sway my skepticism: "I play games now, but one day, I'll make them."

It would be dangerous for the school to exaggerate the incentives in obtaining skills to create computer games. Even though computer gaming revenue is huge, the market is dominated by just a handful of the best selling titles around Christmas sales, distributed by a handful of distributors that get their games from a handful of small teams of developers.

These ads for DeVry are also the butt of jokes:

Easy entry into a school doesn't mean easy completion, but there's a lot of image to clean up!

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